A sprocket is a wheel with cog-style sprocket teeth that engages the exact pitch blocks on the link or cable. It is mainly used in mechanical transmission in chemical, mining, textile, food processing, aerospace, elevator, petroleum and other industries. The sprocket is also one of the important instruments of modern industry.

How to Choose High Quality Industrial Sprockets for Machinery

Smaller diameter sprockets are generally made into integral type, and medium-diameter sprockets are mostly made into spoke plates with holes to facilitate handling, loading on the truck and weight reduction. While the large-diameter sprocket can be made into a combined type, and the gear ring and the wheel core can be made of different materials. At the same time, the surface treatment, quenching, tempering and other processes can be used to extend the life span of the sprocket.

In terms of the function of the sprocket, the first thing that comes to mind is the agricultural industry. Many production processes of the agricultural machinery require the sprockets, which can effectively improve the overall efficiency of agricultural work, and promote the yield and quality of agricultural production and harvesting.

Agricultural machinery is a very practical tool.

Secondly, the sprocket also plays a vital role in the mining industry and textile industry. It can transport the slag through the transmission in the mining industry, thereby greatly reducing the labour and material resources as well as increasing the production capacity. The sprocket also play its role well in the textile industry, enabling production equipment to greatly improve work efficiency.


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