The speed and power of the mechanical transmission must be considered when selecting the sprocket model for mechanical equipment, so that the transmission sprocket and chain model are matched. Even with the same specifications, when the sprockets have different materials and different heat treatment methods, there will be a huge difference of their performances and service lives.

1. Inspection of the sprocket installation
The installation of the sprocket must be carefully checked. It is mainly to check the connection between the sprocket and the drive shaft, as well as the connection between the sprocket and the chain. It must be adjusted and repaired in time if there is any abnormal situation.

2.Installation method
The installation must be carried out in accordance with the regulations. The main sprocket and the driven sprocket must be installed based on the sequence of the instructions, then the fasteners of each part must be tightened. Of course, it will be more intuitive and secure if there are installation drawings from the professionals.

Drive Sprocket

3.Tightness checking
Checking the tightness of the sprocket and chain will be carried out after the sprocket is installed. The chain is easy to jump teeth if the installation between chain and sprocket is too loose, on the contrary, the operation will not be smooth, and the wear of the sprocket and chain will also be accelerated if it is too tight.


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