The Republic of South Africa, known as South Africa, is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent with rich mineral resources. The output value of coal, gold and platinum ranks among the top three in South Africa’s GDP. South Africa is the largest industrial country in Africa and one of the five BRIC countries. The steel industry is the backbone of the manufacturing industry in South Africa. With a highly developed industry, South Africa boasts six major steel joint companies and more than 130 steel companies.

According to data from all continents in 2020, the import of mechanical parts in South Africa is 490.1 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 16.7% compared to previous years. China’s machinery parts manufacturers have successfully entered the South African market with excellent products’ quality and reasonable prices.

As one of the best mechanical parts companies in China, Oris Industrial has targeted the South African market as a key cooperative partner. Having been engaged in the transmission manufacturing industry for more than 30 years, Oris Industrial is able to manage a wide range of production, including both standard and customized parts. The main products are sprockets, V-belts, tapered lock sleeves, gears, racks, chains, chain couplings and machining parts, etc. Besides the extensive product categories and high standard qualities, Oris also owns an excellent staff team, which has not only the professional skills, but also can adapt to the multicultural working environment with a clearly communication with international customers and a pleasant cooperation.

Over the years, with its high-quality products and customer-orientated services, Oris Industrial has won the trust and praise of customers, and has developed cooperative relationships with companies all over the world. Worked together with the clients and successfully completed many projects, Oris obtained their recognitions. However, currently, Oris’ major customers are distributed mostly in Europe and the United States. So, in the past few years, Oris has been exploring the South African market and found many opportunities for cooperation. Now, with our strength and experience, as well as the knowledge of the South African market, Oris will make every effort to enter the South African market and make it as a major partner in the near future.
The transmission parts provided by Oris are exactly match the demands of the mechanical parts in South Africa, so we have a broad space for cooperation. Meanwhile, our employees are full of passion and confidence in developing the South African market. We truly believe that Oris and South African companies will have a very successful and long-term cooperation!


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