Sprocket is divided into a driving sprocket and a driven sprocket. The driving sprocket is installed on the engine output shaft in the form of splines; While the driven sprocket is mounted on the driving wheel of the motorcycle, and the power is transmitted to the driving wheel through the chain. The driving sprocket is generally smaller than the driven sprocket, so that the speed can be reduced and the torque can be increased.

Performance characteristics of the drive sprocket

Selection of materials: Large and small sprockets are made of high-quality carbon.

Processing and handling technology: with the advanced hobbing or milling processing technology, the tooth profile is more accurate. The entire sprocket has undergone quenching and tempering heat treatment, which greatly improves its comprehensive mechanical properties. The tooth profile hardness is above 68-72HRA, which significantly increases the wear resistance of the sprocket. The surface has been sprayed and electroplated.

Installation requirements and precautions for sprocket

Put the sprocket on the drive shaft, and lock the sprocket with the shaft through the screw or keyway on the sprocket to ensure that the sprocket will not slip in the working state and make the sprocket and chain run smoothly.

Choose the correct specifications and models according to the required power and operating speed of the equipment.

Check whether the position where the drive sprocket is installed (transmission output countershaft, wheel hub, etc.) is in good condition, otherwise the relevant parts must be overhauled or replaced.

Install the driving and driven sprockets in place according to the correct method, and tighten the fasteners to meet the specified torque requirements.

After installing the drive chain and adjusting the tightness, check whether the chain and the sprocket fit smoothly and in coplanar, as well as have no interference with other parts.


1.There should be the anti-loosening measures for the driven sprockets.

2.After the driven sprocket is loaded into the car, the rear wheel axle should be adjusted using the adjuster and the rear cradle (also called the rear wheel fork) markings, so as to prevent the rear wheel from deviating, and also to avoid the early wear of the sprocket and chain.

3.It is normal that the driving sprocket wears faster than the driven wheel under the same conditions due to its high speed and small number of teeth.

4.It is best to replace the sprocket and the chain at the same time. If only one of them is replaced, the wear on both sides will be aggravated.

5.The drive chain and drive sprocket should be cleaned and lubricated regularly to improve their service life.


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