Currently there are 5 kinds of materials used to produce cast iron v- pulleys on the market, namely, cast aluminum, cast iron, cast steel, engineering plastics, and ordinary plastics. Due to the status quo of industry segmentation, let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

1. The aluminum material is light in weight, exquisite in structure, and moderate in strength. It is suitable for precision equipment or equipment that requires weight control, but the price is relatively high;

2、The cast steel material has a high level of hardness and a slightly longer production cycle. It is often used on large machinery and equipment with high requirements for strength, and the price is also high;

3. At present, cast iron is one of the most widely used materials for v pulley , and it has a strong comprehensive performance considering both price and hardness. The production cycle is shorter than that of cast steel because of the nature of the material itself.

4. Plastic belt pulleys are used in some occasions where the strength and temperature are not high, such as small household appliances. The limitations of this material are strict, so it is not applicable in most industries.

V-belt pulleys are divided into European standard, American standard and national standard. As of Shanghai Oris is a manufacturer specializing in the production of European standard pulleys, so we will introduce the European standard V groove pulley. Normally we use cast iron material to produce V-belt pulleys considering various factors such as price, production difficulty, strength, etc. There are also several standards for cast iron, such as HT100, HT150, HT200, HT250 and HT300. In view of all the factors, HT250 is a better cost-effective choice.

V-belt pulley material is the basis for determining performance, and there are several effective methods to improve the overall performance of the pulley, including the production process, processing methods, and multiple testing methods. Some belt pulleys are offered very low prices on the market because using the cheap raw materials, and in result, all these pulleys have a correspondingly shorter service life. There is a saying:” you get what you pay for”. Oris industrial only provides high-quality v pulleys, and we look forward to your inquiry.


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