Tin Bronze Helical Gear

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Design Concept: Compared with spur gears, helical gears have stronger impact resistance and instant resistance. They will not break or collapse when starting up. They can effectively remove the pressure of instantaneous transmission and can transmit force evenly.
Material CuSn12-C, as you requested
Heat Treatment No
Machining: CNC Turning, CNC Milling
Gear Machining Gear Hobbing
Inspection chemical Composition Test, Dimension Test,Circular Runout Test
Module of Gear Two modules, 24 teeth
Length Of Gear 95mm
Addendum Circle 71.88mm
Apertures 27mm
Pressure Angle 20°
End Runout 0.03mm

Process introduction:

The whole body is made of copper material, which can cover 35mm、40mm bearings. It is generally used in food and medical machinery and so on. Its advantages are anti-rust, better wear resistance than iron, and long service life.

It cannot be processed completely at one time, and requires secondary clamping, rough turning, semi-finishing turning, and finishing turning.

Guaranteed circular runout requires double tops to rotate and process at the same time.

Trapezoidal thread needs to be processed inside the product, which is very difficult to process, and the concentricity and runout must be guaranteed, and the requirements for hobbing are high.

Copper parts have high temperature requirements and are affected by thermal expansion and contraction. The size of the summer processing is different from that of the winter processing.
However, we also have rich experience in solving this problem, and can change and process solutions in time according to customer needs.

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